Kay H.

“I own multi-unit rental properties in the Bay Area. Over the years Jonathan Bornstein has represented me on many real estate cases. I recently had an issue where I was being sued by former tenants. My insurance carrier was trying to cheat me so that I would personally pay the settlement to the tenants out of my pocket – even though I had been paying my premiums for years and I thought I was covered for the claim. They told me their attorney would represent me but, in fact, the attorney they assigned me was really looking out for the insurance company. I called Jonathan for help and he put a stop to their strong arm tactics and represented MY interests in the lawsuit. Once he got involved, the insurance company settled with the tenants. Thanks to Jonathan, I did not have to pay a penny towards the settlement. If you are being sued by a tenant, I highly recommend you call him for a consultation before you get taken by your insurance carrier. Jonathan knows how to protect you from being taken advantage of!”